Space and Black Monochrome Art

Era of New Artistic Humankind “Homo Ludens” on Contemporary Art

What is art?

Art can be described as the creative activities of a person who makes something so that it may become a work of beauty. It is the activities that allow viewers to feel the creator’s mind, that is, the creator’s senses, emotions, narratives, memories, orders, rules, etc. So, art has a heart of its own. Artists want their feelings to be passed on to the world and to be remembered.


Playing Humans: Homo Ludens

The improvement of the modern working environment and the development of the welfare system in the direction of increasing spare time give us more time to play. We have now come to an era when we have to think seriously about how to play with more fun and happiness.

Currently, it is no exaggeration to say that the borders of content are breaking down and creators have begun to bloom their talents by unfolding the inherent DNA of excitement in the global environment.

So now is the time to think deeply about the spirit of the times that is derived from art and culture.

Let’s think about what art is, let’s find out about the history of the past art and culture and the spirit of the times in the current content, and let’s ponder over what spirit of the times the content of the future art and culture will create.


The Spirit of the Times in the Global Content Platform Environment (Present and Future)

A global environment of multi-media content has been established through various global platforms, and a new worldview is unfolding in such an environment.

I think this might be the mind of the author of the cosmic motif and the black monochrome art trend based on the postmodernism we are witnessing.

What we are aiming at is the time when the space age will open, when the substantial expansion of the human realm will be realized, when the worldview will be expanded into a virtual space (digital platform), and when it is a time to live a fun life with humanity beyond race, ideology, and territory, protecting the beautiful global environment for the next generation.

Finally, from now on, we have a strong desire to impress the world by competing in quality rather than in quantity.