Must Know Google SEO Checklist For Editor


Are you familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? If you were a magazine editor or blog editor, you’d always care. Editors will be notified of the checklist that will help optimize the search engine when they write the post.

If you check when you write the post, you’ll be able to write a post of higher quality, a post that the portal recognizes as a higher score, and a post with a higher rank on the search engine.

The overall structure of posts

Core Image (Thumbnail)
List 1
List 2
Last List

Example: Link

Each list structure

List title(description)
Editor’s opinions, comments, reviews
External comments, reviews, opinions
Call to Action (price, action)


Editor Search Optimization SEO List Paragraph Example
Editor Search Optimization SEO List Paragraph Example

Editor Search Engine Optimization SEO Quantitative Checklist

  1. Does the title contain optimization keywords?
  2. Does the overview(opening) contain optimization keywords?
  3. Are the most important images placed as the first images of the Post?
  4. Are key optimization keywords repeated more than five times throughout the post?
  5. Is the title written in 30~65 characters?
  6. Is the outline(opening) written in 70-155 characters?
  7. Are long sentences with more than 20 words written not to exceed 25% of the total post-weight?
  8. Is there anything wrong with spelling?
  9. Is each list repeated in the same format?
  10. The original image is high definition, and is the file name saved as an English keyword?

Editor Search Engine Optimization SEO Qualitative Checklist

  1. Does the title contain keywords that people can search for?
  2. Does the most important representative image have a visual appeal that leads to click?
  3. Does this post maintain the same tone overall?
  4. Is the title written in an expression that attracts people’s interest?
  5. Is the post concise and clear in its expression?
  6. Does the person who sees the post feel trust in the content?
  7. Is it satisfactory for the person who searched for the key keywords and saw the post?
  8. Is this information shared by people with similar interests in the post?
  9. Does each image clearly convey the key representation of the list(short circuit)?
  10. Can it be racist or politically biased?
  11. Are there any people to be harmed or hurt by reading this post?