sunglass dog

Here You Have The 12 Fanciest Costumes For Your Dog

1. Barks by Dre costume

Did you know that dogs do enjoy music just like we do? Well, there’s a high possibility that your dog might be willing to try this new “Barks by Dre” headphones… Just as you want your Dr. Dre headphones!


2. Golden chain costume


Sometimes, you might guess that your dog wants some diversion. Well, here’s the perfect style! No need to spend more than 10 seconds. 4 seconds for the golden chain and sunglasses, the rest for posing.


3. Hypebeast Pupreme costume.

Well, just like many of us, they do need some guidance for their fashion. Why don’t you recommend this Pupreme fashion for your hesitating dog?


4. New York Taxi costume

Like everyone would have guessed, it’s time to take a cab. If there is an exception, your taxi driver will never take you if you weigh more than him!


5.Bunny Dog costume

Have you ever wanted to raise a rabbit? This costume will give you the only kind of Bunny dog rabbit existing on earth.


6. Cowardly Lion dog costume.

Wait. does the word cowardly bothers you? Because you think your dog might not look like a real beast king? Absolutely wrong! Do not forget to take it off at night if you don’t want to have a heart attack.


7. Pizza slice costume

Do you like pizzas? But are you not sure if your friends or family like pizzas? Well there would be no more trouble on deciding whether or not to have pizza for lunch… If this cute dog shows its costume!


8. Superman dog costume

Everyone needs their superhero and so does your dog. If some other dogs need for help, don’t wait to toss this costume to your dog. He would be already gone for justice.


9. Business suit costume

Sometimes, you cannot wear just whatever you want to. And yes, there are needs to be formal for some occasions. What else could be better than this suit for your dog?


10. Bride dog costume

Are your cute dog engaged by a handsome doggy around? You would better be prepared with this dress. How lovely would she look like?


11. Police officer costume

Do you feel like your house needs some justice for the bad guys? This costume will do the job. Before committing a crime, that person would better think twice.


12. Prisoner costume.

Here we have the escaped prisoner from your police officer! Now you have two choices left. Help your police dog to catch this criminal or just let this Micheal Scofield walk away.