[stylePARK] About Makeup artist Chun, Miyeon

What kind of work do you do as a makeup artist?

When I work with entertainers, I usually do their makeup for a drama or advertisement shoot.

And I do wedding makeup for the special day. For general customers or business people,

I also provide makeup services for special occasions.


What is important when doing makeup?

I place importance on base makeup in my work.

Without a solid base makeup, other makeup cannot stand out.

I think base makeup accounts for 70% of the entire makeup.

So it’s very important. And eyebrows are also very important.

Eyebrows determine your image, so I choose ‘base make up and eyebrows’

as key elements.


What beauty self-care do you do for yourself every day?

As an easy beauty self-care option, I can suggest a moisturizing oil massage.

Only a regular habit of a gentle massage with moisturizing oil

can maintain a wrinkle-free, baby face skin.

When cleansing, I always use cleansing oil.

If you usually take care of your skin with oil products,

you can see the moisturizing effect in the dry summer caused

by air conditioning or in the dry winter caused by heating.

And I eat a lot of fruit, which is good for my skin.


What is the most memorable moment you had as a makeup artist
for Hye-kyo Song and Joong-ki Song?

They had a big event in their lives. They got married. Mr. and Mrs. Song.

I went to LA for the photo shoot

(for magazine pictures and the wedding photographs).

There were some personal moments in LA.

What was the most memorable thing for me was

that their makeup was done in our shop on their wedding day.

We got many phone calls from the media before.

All of the staff, including myself, said we didn’t know, we had no idea.

We said, we don’t know where they are having their makeup done!

My staff and I tried hard to keep this place as a safe zone.

On the wedding day,

the Song couple came to my shop and what is really funny is that

we heard all the media people were waiting at another shop.

So the Song couple and all their family members got their makeup done here.

That’s the most memorable moment.


How do you mainly get information about trends?

I think I always learn about trends from the fashion world first.

There is so much information but I check fashion trends first

before searching for more information.

I get inspired by things like colors or fabric materials.

I analyze a certain trend on my own by doing that.

So I discover a certain fashion trend first and at some point

I can feel something will be fashionable each season.


What is the most important lifestyle factor?

I think balance is most important in lifestyle.

Balance does not mean body balance.

It’s a balance of thinking and a balance in life.

For example, if I have important work to do the next morning,

I don’t usually feel like hanging out with my friends and drinking.

When I mention balance, I believe balance in thinking and life is key.

Rather than body balance,

balance in our entire lifestyle,

balance in thinking and life is most important.


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