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Artificial Intelligence Technology To Read Your Facial Expressions

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And real world conditions

Sensing Feeling IoT technology is powered by deep learning AI designed to process visual information entirely passively; performing accurate, real-time and simultaneous emotion detection of many users going about their normal business in physical spaces. The technology is highly tolerant to ‘in the wild’ variations in distance, pose, occlusions and lighting.

Unique, patent-pending, approach requires only very low levels of computing power which for the first time enables this type of accuracy and performance to be achieved at low cost and ‘at the edge’.

Real-time web dashboard

With web service API for integration

The data generated by the passive sensors is managed by cloud-based IoT platform, generating a real-time measure of the aggregate ‘emotional index’ of each space being monitored.

These can be visualised through our web-based dashboard through a variety of real-time reports, and alerts can be set and triggered for each individual sensor, or on groups of sensors organised to suit client business operations.

Cloud also provides a real-time web-API for clients to integrate real-time data feeds from sensors (or groups of sensors) with existing Business Intelligence or operational reporting systems.

Respecting of privacy and ethics

No personal data transmitted or stored

Because integrated sensors are designed to process all of the image data ‘at the edge’, no video or personal data is transmitted or recorded in any part of our system. This enables the products to be GDPR compliant ‘out of the box’, enabling a higher degree of confidence and acceptance from end users.


Our product range

emotion sensors for every application

  • SF wide – emotion sensor for multiple users in large spaces

Ideal for use in spaces where an aggregated real-time measure of the level of delight or satisfaction of many simultaneous users is required e.g. retail stores, restaurants, offices, event spaces, classroom settings, art installations and public spaces like squares, stations, transport systems and museums.

  • SF focus – emotion sensor for fewer users at closer ranges.

Ideal for use at shorter ranges where real-time detection of individual user behaviour during interactions e.g. at digital signage, merchandising, kiosks and service points – or where assessment of user well-being is required in situations where there is a potential for high-stress or fatigue e.g. factory workstations and industrial settings, machine operators, drivers and pilots.

  • SF embed – embed our emotion software in your system

Ideal for use as an embedded emotion-sensing capability of your new or existing system design where maximising the human interaction experience is required e.g. self-service machines and kiosks, digital signage, robots, and consumer electronics.

  • SF remote – process your images in our cloud-based sensor

Ideal for when you require offline emotional analytics of pre-recorded video or still image data sourced under the necessary consent arrangements required to uphold user privacy regulations.