Woman Who Married Zombie Doll Says People Think it’s a Dead Child


When Virgil said “love conquers all,” we don’t think he had this bizarre 21st century romance in mind.

Last September, Felicity Kadlec Rossi married Kelly Rossi, her zombie doll “lover” bought off the internet.

According to the 21-year-old, the 2018 wedding was the culmination of their “emotional and intimate” seven-year relationship.

Taking place in Tiverton, Rhode Island, the ceremony cost £388 and was attended by the bride’s friends and family, as well as eight other zombie dolls from her collection.

However, the couple’s love story isn’t without its complications, with Felicity asking her local police force in Vinita, Oklahoma,f or help. Apparently, people are convinced that Kelly isn’t a doll, but a dead child, and have been calling the cops on the Felicity.

Felicity explained: “I decided to go to the police because I was told that people were calling the cops saying that my wife was a dead child.

“Even when I was telling people that she is just a doll people weren’t believing me, so I decided to go to the police to get some verification.

“When I was there the police confirmed that she was just a doll, and we posed up for a picture stating this so that I could share it on social media.

“I am sick of people thinking that Kelly is a child and insinuating that I like children, so I knew I had to get this clarified to put an end to these claims.”

At the Vinita police station on 28th March, Felicity posed for a photo with Kelly, along with an officer brandishing a sign that read: “Vinita police checked it out. It’s just a doll.”

Felicity hopes that by enlisting the police, people will finally leave her and her undead lover in peace.

She said: “I met Kelly when I was younger as a friend, and it grew into a relationship.

“Like myself, Kelly aged with me and I have only ever seen her as an adult – she has never been a child in my eyes.

“Although she is just a doll, I believe that the energy that Kelly has is that of an adult, and that’s what I love about her.”

“Kelly was created as a Halloween doll and wasn’t created to have any likeness to a child – she’s just a zombie.

“I knew that I had to get the police to check the situation out to help me move on with my relationship with Kelly.

“Ever since people have called me a paedophile I have had a hard time being affectionate with Kelly.

“Now that it has been confirmed, I want to be able to move on and enjoy our relationship and marriage.”

Kelly was a present from horror-film obsessed Felicity’s late father, who passed away when she was 16. It was also around this time that Felicity began to see Kelly as a shoulder to cry on.

Describing Kelly as a “tomboy,” Felicity says the doll takes on the male role in their partnership, and wore a suit to complement Felicity’s traditional white gown at the wedding.

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