Red Velvet’s Seulgi Has a Habit of Using Her Hair as Curtains When She Cries

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The topic of “Red Velvet Seulgi’s unique habit when she cries” has been receiving overwhelming attention in Korean online communities.


The post consists of various photos and GIFs of Seulgi crying on broadcast as well the stage, and what’s making this go viral is what she does with her hair every time she bursts into tears.


It’s been commonly observed that whenever Seulgi starts crying, she covers her face with her hair as if they’re curtains.

When she does this, she makes sure to cover as much of her face as possible with her hair and despite looking a little scary, the habit is absolutely adorable.

The way she tries to hide when she cries elicits a type of protective instinct while also making her look even more lovable than she already is.

And when her hair isn’t available to be used as curtains, Seulgi sometimes uses any kind of prop she is holding to hide her tears.

Check out some more photos and GIFs of Seulgi’s adorable habit below:



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1 comment

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