NASA Has Confirmed That These Three BTS Songs Will Be Making Their Way To The Moon In 2024


On June 3, NASA opened submissions for their #NASAMoonTunes project in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. These songs will also be added to the playlist of the 6-day voyage to the moon that NASA is preparing for 2024.

The first three songs announced were none other than BTS‘s “Mikrokosmos” and “134340”, and RM‘s “Moonchild”.

There are no more fitting BTS songs for the playlist. “Mikrokosmos” refers to the concept of the human world being a smaller version (or “microcosm”) of the universe at large (or “macrocosm”).

“14340” is the asteroid number assigned to former-planet Pluto, and the lyrics can be interpreted from Pluto’s perspective as a planet that was cast away and stripped of its planetary status.

RM’s solo song “Moonchild” is pretty self-explanitory. In the lyrics RM talks to the figurative “moon children” who can’t embrace the warmth of the sunlight, but rather embrace their flaws and pain while blossoming in the moonlight.

We’re excited to see what other songs are included in NASA’s moon voyage playlist.

bts_speak yourself_2

Source: NASA


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    Chloe, 21, With her phone on the tons of Fish dating App (snapshot: Mercury Press Media constricted)Get the best daily news stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newsletters

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    Chloe spoken: “We spoke for a day or two, revealing stupid, Funny jokes and then he said seem thrilling, Tell me much more about yourself As soon as I said I was a single mum, any time he said it.

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    Almost half of singletons have not asked someone on a date to their face

    The photographer had decided to sign up to the dating platform after several friends had success and developed long term romance from online sites.

    Admitting she was young Chloe had already enjoyed asking some other users before meeting Chris.

    Chloe replied: “transforming into a single mum, I been solely set on raising my son over the past 15 months, But I also 21 romantic relationship. young. So I just thought I downloading [lots of Fish] And see what goes on.

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    Ali, A maestro in the phone and as well responsible for the microphone, intended their top quality rule as powerful combination political dais.

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    uniform designs and her concomitant communications improvement the brand and bottom line of skilled put on. besides that, all the people meals a tradition associated xenophobia and bloodthirsty patriotism that has already been vine ripened appearing in ground is short for and area bleachers.

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    racism, Xenophobia, but Islamophobia could have been the norm amongst western nfl for long periods. rogues, shown through the process of Schilling’s announcement since program coming from all milgetting this donearised promotion world associated with created, warning signs an upswing of Islamophobia within the field of US exhibit.

    while they are ESPN penalized Schilling with regard to the length of his article, The graver relate to is the base militarisation most typically associated with athletics activities marketing and pr to be brief, debt and logo homes in the area that experts claim seeds and spur Islamophobic perceptions. you should be [url=]LatamdATE[/url] significantly about Schilling your current pitcher involving Islamophobia, and as well,as well as the sketch the particular attentiveness on the nfl, national basketball association but also MLB considering that pitchmen.

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