Kim Go Eun Confirmed To Star In Korea’s First-Ever Musical Film


Actress Kim Go Eun has been cast for the lead role in Korea’s first-ever musical film, Hero.

Hero is a film that deals with the final year of the Korean independence activist, An Jung Geun, after he shot Ito Hirobumi in Harbin, China in October 1909. The film will be based on the musical, Hero, which has received love from viewers for 10 years, in commemoration of An Jung Geun’s 100th anniversary.


Kim Go Eun will be playing the role of Seol Hee, Chosun’s last maid of honor who witnessed the death of Empress Myeongseong in Hero. Seol Hee is a strong-willed character who actively supports the independence movement by collecting important information about Japan.


An Jung Geun will be played by musical actor, Jung Sung Hwa, who has been responsible for the role in the musical since its premiere.


Hero will be Director Yoon Je Kyoon‘s next project following his previous films, Tidal Wave and Ode to My Father

Meanwhile, filming is expected to begin from the latter half of this year.

Source: My Daily


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