Berry Good Johyun Reveals Her Thoughts In Relation To “Controversial” Cosplay Outfit

Berry Good‘s Johyun, who recently wore a sexy cosplay outfit, revealed her thoughts about the “controversy” it has sparked.

On June 18, Johyun shared the message through her Instagram Story.


To some, I am a person they miss.
To some, I am a person they wish would disappear.
To some, I am a they look up to.
No matter how kind a person is, to some, they will be a bad person.
And no matter how bad a person is, to some, they will be a kind person.
So just because you are disliked by some, there is no need to be distressed.
Everyone must discard the thought of wanted to be loved by people.
But, I hope you don’t forget.
I hope you remember that you are also loved by some.
I hope you remember that you are also someone’s dream and goal.
Like how I’m thinking of you right now.


I have been doing my best until now with the a thankful attitude towards the fact that I can be a celebrity. Even so, I am still human and also a common Korean girl who is affected by criticism, support, emotion and thoughts. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself as pathetic and think I must accept this reality. Even though it’s difficult to endure due to various complex emotions, I am encouraging myself and trying to overcome them. After seeing your warm support, I am shedding tears without even knowing…I want to sincerely thank you. Although I am not perfect, I am giving my best effort for my work and broadcasts. Regardless of gender, everyone has grown up in a different environment and have different thoughts, so I believe we must respect everyone. I love myself and everyone who lives in this era!! As long as your health allows, I hope that you are happy doing the things you want, spend wonderful days and live this one life together by healping each other out. Please have a great day today as ell. Sincerely thank you for supporting me and I love you…


Thank you for always catching me when I fall…Even though I’m still really young, I’ll continue to grow more mature!!

Johyun recently attended the Gamedolympic 2019: Golden Card dressed up as Ahri from the game, “League of Legends”.

johyun berry good cosplay 3

And while many people praised her for her gorgeous figure and ability to transform into the character perfectly, some thought the outfit was too revealing. Her agency later released a statement in response to the backlash she received.

berry good johyun cosplay

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/



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