10+ K-Pop Idols Who Are True All-Rounders

Most idols are great at one skill and decent in another. Companies find it acceptable if their trainees are not the best rappers if they are already a main or lead vocal.

Not with these idols! The following 10+ idols are well known for being great rappers, vocalists, and dancers. There is nothing lacking in their skills, and that definitely makes them stand out!

1. BTS’s Jungkook

jungkook short hair1

Jungkook is famous for being the “Golden Maknae” of BTS. He’s a main vocalist, lead dancer, and an amazing rapper. Nothing can beat this guy!

2. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

blackpink jennie

Jennie has always been a singer-rapper deadly combination even before debut, such as in her collaboration with GD for “That XX.” Her debut single “Solo” showed off her singing, rapping, dancing, and charisma.

3. MONSTA X’s Joohoney

monsta x jooheon

Joohoney is arguably one of the best rappers in K-Pop right now. What Monbebe’s also know is that he’s a talented vocalist as well, getting more vocal lines throughout the years.

4. NCT’s Taeyong

nct taeyong

Taeyong is the leader and rapper of NCT, but he’s also an incredible vocalist and dancer. His visuals make him stand out doubly more, making him an idol to watch out for!

5. Day6’s YoungK

youngk 3

YoungK is one of the best vocalists in Day6. Unlike many idols on this list, he’s also an amazing instrumentalist and producer, not to mention having English skills that he often uses to communicate with international fans.

6. Stray Kids’ Han

stray kids han

Han Jisung is a fast rapper and vocalist that can hit high notes. His appearance on King of Mask Singer definitely proved his duality.

7. WINNER’s Seungyoon


Seungyoon is not just the main vocal of WINNER, he also produces their title tracks. He often fills in for the other members if they can’t make it to a performance, leading them to praise his rap and dance skills as well!

8. X1’s Cho Seungyoun

cho seungyoun

One of Seungyoun‘s stand out traits in Produce X 101 was that he is an all-rounder. Despite being the main rapper in UNIQ, he got main vocal roles more often on the show. He was one of a kind!

9. Hyorin


SISTAR‘s Hyorin is to this day one of the best vocalists K-Pop has ever seen as well as a solid dancer. It was a pleasant surprise when she was revealed to be joining Unpretty Rapstar, showing off her many talents.

10. GOT7’s JB

jb 1

GOT7‘s JB is an integral part of the group. He’s a main vocal and center as well as a consistently good dancer.

11. TREASURE13’s Bang Yedam

bang yedam

One of Yedam‘s nicknames is “God Yedam” which perfectly fit him according to his members. Singing, rapping, dancing, producing, he’s got it all!

12. IZ*ONE’s Yena


Yena isn’t just a ray of sunshine, she’s also a multi-talented queen. Her vocals, dance, and rap make her a vital part of IZ*ONE.

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