What makes Koreans so good at e-sport these days?

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Since a couple of years ago, Koreans have showed their strength at playing games and proved to be the best, or at least one of the best in every competition they participated. So, at this point, we all have a question in common: “Why are Koreans so good at playing games?”. Here we have some theories. First, before I talk about my personal thoughts, I have to mention about these stories that have been spread in internet. The first one is about the cyber cafes in Korea. There are two things needed before you need to play a game. First, you must buy the game and second, you need to have a computer which can run the game. But the problem is that one user would certainly not play a game made in the early 2000s for the rest of his life. If he likes to play, let’s say for example FPS games, he would have to upgrade his computer in order to play new games that are commonly played in his region. This also means that the game user won’t be able to upgrade his computer all the time whenever he wants to play these new games that are released every year due to the money costing problem. However, in Korea, this problem of money costing is somehow solved by the fact that there are many many good cyber cafes all around the corner.

One hour of game play in a cyber café would cost in average 1000 won to 1,500 won. So, knowing that the trending games are already bought by the cybercafé, you just have to pay the price above in order to enjoy your game. You might probably wonder about the system quality of these computers installed there. Before that, just ask a person who has visited Korea’s cybercafé and he will certainly answer you that there are many many spots with high tech computers. This will eventually allow the Korean people to try as many various games they want to and end up with game geniuses who know what games they are good at.

The second story is about Koreans who swear a lot. They swear a lot so, eventually as it says, if you don’t want to be cursed, you better play better than now. What a ridiculous story! I do not think the reason is based on this “swearing” phenomena. The real reason is based on the Korean education: You are taught to have an answer at any problem you encounter. What does this mean? This means that Korean people, as they are playing games, are always thinking of an answer to win their games. As I mentioned about these game geniuses who know what they are good at, they will start to suggest their various answers for victory.

For example, in Overwatch, Koreans would be better aware of specific heroes’ combination that works really well in some maps. This is due to the high-quality communities in internet where people share their thoughts and playstyles with pictures and videos, and all of this is shared and commented instantaneously by many players. A few days later, there would be another strategy proposed by other genius players to counter attack the previous strategy. And this process repeats and goes again. At the end, there will be like a whole theory of strategies that you may choose to use in your game.

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