Top 5 list of FFP/TPP gaming streamers that you need to know before watching Twitch TV.


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1. Ninja
Ninja / ” How ‘Fortnite’ Live Streamer Ninja Became a Celebrity ” / military.com


This streamer is the professional Fortnite player with over 14 million followers. The first game which allowed him to discover his gaming gift turns out to be Halo 3. His first survival mode game departed from H1Z1 and then ended up to Fortnite as it became more popular. Check out his best gaming highlights on his Youtube channel.

2. Shroud
Shroud / PUBG 18 kills / Youtube.com


Shroud is best known for his PUBG gameplay along with more than 6.5 million followers. He first discovered his talented gaming skills by playing CS:GO which finally led him to join the Cloud9 team in 2012. Check out his amazing FPP gameplay on his Youtube channel.

3. Tfue
Tfue / Drops 28 in solo squads / Youtube.com


Tfue is a talented Fortnite player with more than 6.4 million followers subscribed on his channel. He first played video games like Halo with his brother proving his skills. But he actually became popular as he began to play Destiny on Twitch and Youtube channel with his teammates. Check out for the highlights on his Youtube channel.

4. TSM_Myth
TSM_Myth / LITTLE BROTHER ON STREAM??? / Youtube.com


TSM_Myth is mostly known for playing Fortnite and has 5.2 million followers. Like Tfue, his gaming talent was first noticed by his brother who finally introduced him Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. He later began streaming Paragon, a multiplayer online batle mode game. He had no real popularity until 2017, when he first began his Fortnite streaming. Check out his hilarious gameplay on his Youtube channel.

5. Summit1g
Summit1g / Ultimate Rage Compilation / Youtube.com


Summit1g’s statistic shows us that he mostly played PUBG. But he apparently gathered his 3.8 million followers by playing many other games like CS:GO, Fortnite, and Sea of thieves. Unlike the previous streamers above-mentioned, Fortnite is not in his favorite game list. Well, everything has its reasons… Check out for the reason on his Youtube channel.

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