Here we have 14 Korean male celebrities finishing their military duty in 2019.

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1. Joo won

Ju won is mostly known for acting in Bread, Love and Dreams and Bridal Mask. He has begun his military service two years ago in May 2017 in the third infantry division and finished his duty in February 2019.

2. Beenzino

Beenzino is a famous korean rapper known for his songs like Aqua man and Dali, Van, Picasso. He has enlisted in May 2017 in the 6th infantry division and finished his duty last February. He has also kept contact with his fans by posting articles on his Instagram with his girlfriend after he got enlisted in the army.

3. Lim si wan.

Lim si wan has enlisted in July 2017 to finish his duty last April. He is known for being selected as a special force member two months after he got enlisted. He is a member of ZE:A’s and played a role in The Moon Embracing the Sun.

4. Lee min ho

Lee min ho had a severe car accident in 2006 and broke his ankle which made him fulfill his duty as a public service worker since May 2017. Now he has finished his duty and preparing to make his stage back in drama.

5. Ji chang wook

Ji chang wook has enlisted in August 2017 and now is back from last May. Like Ju won, he was assigned in the third infantry division. He has begun gaining popularity in Smile Again as playing his first main role in the drama.

6. Ok taecyun

Ok taec hyun, who was a US permanent resident, had given it up to enlist himself in the army in September 2017. He had also gone through operation and rehabilitation in order to be an active-duty soldier. He finally came back from his duty last June.

7. Kang ha neul.

Kang ha neul started his duty in September 2017 and came back from duty last June. He is famous for his career in musical art and also as an actor in his drama. Misaeng and The Inheritors are one his best works in drama.

8. Lee chan hyuk

Lee chan hyuk has made his military service in the Korea Marine Corps and showed an astonishing adaptability during his life in the army. He is a member of AKMU and is preparing to make a comeback stage for a new album.

9. T.O.P

T.O.P has started his duty as an Auxiliary Policeman in February 2017. Unfortunately, he was caught for having smoked marijuana before he got enlisted so he was eventually re-assigned as a public service worker. He is ending his service soon in 6th of July.

10. Kim soo hyun

Kim soo hyun got enlisted in October 2017 and was enlisted in the reconnaissance battalion in November. He is a famous actor in Korea for playing major roles in The Moon Embracing the Sun and My Love From the Star.

11. Lee joon

Lee joon who is known as an actor and a musician has enlisted in the army in October 2017. He was actually re-assigned as a public service worker from panic disorder last year and is about to end his service this month.


The famous leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon is now in his military service since last year in February. He will be back in November from his duty.

13. Taeyang

Tae yang has begun his military service since last March. He came up in the news, getting married with the actress Min hyo rin one month before he got enlisted. He is the main vocal member and also the main dancer in Big Bang.

14. Daesung

Daesung started his duty on March, just like Taeyang. He was assigned in the 27th infantry division and there, he volunteered to be an assistant instructor. He is a talented singer, with an outspoken voice as one of his advantage.

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