10 Must try foods in Korea for your appetite!


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1. Kimchi

Kimchi is the number 1 traditional food of Korea that has been in Korean dishes for a long time. To find its origin, we must trace back to over two thousand years ago! Korean ancestors had the wisdom to make fermented food, as refrigerators were not made yet to store food for quite a time.

2. Instant noodles

Instant noodle is one of the typical foods that have transcended the cultural barrier between Korea and the rest of the world. Its advantages lie on the short time needed for cooking and for the cheap price.

3. Soy sauce crab

We cannot miss this “rice thief” soy crab, which most of the Koreans are fond of. We call it like this because it is a bit too salty to just eat it alone, so you have to eat it with rice. Korean people are actually in love with seafoods and this crab meal is one of their best meal. A bowl of rice with soy sauce crab and kimchi will do the job.

4. Yukhoe

Raw slices of beef could look unappetizing for those who have never tried foods like this before. However, this dish is perfectly safe. More than that, you cannot always find this dish in Korean dining table as it can be pretty expensive. We recommend you try this as a stand alone without being distracted from other toppings.

5. Bibimbap

Many of you may have seen this food before even if you had only small interest for Korean culture. This Korean dish, which is made of multiple kind of vegetables and ingredients, will take in charge your health and strength for the rest of your day.

6. Ox bone soup

The Ox bone soup is a simple bowl of stew made of meat noodles and some sliced scallions. Its milky-white color may not look good for some of you but it’s worth trying because you may be quite satisfied with the beef-flavored soup.

7. Grilled pork belly

Korean grilled pork belly or samgyeopsal, so called in Korea is also a food that most of the Koreans enjoy eating together with friends, family and co-workers. If you go to Korean bbq restaurants, this menu will be always there. We strongly recommend you to try this with lettuce leaves, wrapping the meat with it.

8. Hangover Stew

This is a very hot spicy and full-flavored stew that will help you wake up after having drunk a lot last night. Koreans who like spicy foods do often eat this stew even if they haven’t been drinking anything because it has an addicting taste that you cannot forget once you like it.

9. Jogaegui

Jogaegui is also a favorite meal for seafood loving Koreans. However, it can be a little bit expensive than other regular foods so Koreans don’t enjoy it every day. Shellfish is cooked over an open flame until it’s hot and ready for you to dig into – the shells crack open on their own, adding an extra flair to this Korean favorite.

10. Bingsu

The last delicious food is a dessert. If you want to end your meal with something refreshing and sweet, you have the right dessert you were looking for. On the top are laid some sweetened red beans with also some tteok over shaved ice layer. There are many kinds of toppings that you may have varying on your personal preference – condensed milk, fruit, corn flakes, chocolate, etc.

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