10 Interesting facts you didn’t know about John Wick films

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1. The original character was first written as a man in his mid-60s.

According to the scenario director’s thought, it says that Kolstad was thinking of a specific older actor: “In this case, I had Paul Newman in mind”.

2. A producer recommended killing John’s entire family rather than the dog.

It says that a producer had a suggestion: “One actually recommended replacing the dog with John’s entire family which I found a bit skewed”.

3. The directors cast Alfie Allen because he looked like a total “pr*ck”.

As soon as Allen had the audition, the director could know right away he was the guy who would spark John’s anger: “He was at a friend’s party, and so he went into his friend’s bedroom and got on to Skype with me and started talking”, explained Stahelski. “And I was like, ‘Oh, dude, he’s a great pr*ck’”.

4. The films’ director used to be Keanu’s stunt double.

Stahelski is known for playing Keanu Reeves’ double in the famous movie of Matrix in 1999.

5. It takes Reeves months to prepare for the role.

The reason why Keanu Reeves makes his John Wick character look so natural is based on his tough efforts he spent for months before the filming began.

6. Ruby Rose’s assassin wasn’t written as mute.

Here’s the comment made by the director: “At the end of the day, to her credit, she trusted me enough to try it. She has a great face, great eyes. She always looks a little p**sed”.

7. John kills an enormous number of people in the three films.

In the first John Wick, John kills 77 persons; in Chapter 2, 128; and in Parabellum, 94. In total, that makes 299 people killed.

8. The films are chiefly inspired by old Hollywood musicals.

The director had admitted that his inspirations comes from these dance and music: “Early on, I got into martial arts choreography, studying the Hong Kong guys – and it was all from Jackie Chan saying ‘Go watch dance! More like dance!’”.

9. Halle Berry trained for six months for her extended cameo in Parabellum.

Gun training, jiu-jitsu, aikido, all different kinds of martial arts were all things that Berry had to go through, which took her over six months of intense training.

10. Berry broke three ribs training for the role.

As the training for Berry went on  really hard, she pushed herself too much to the limits that it ended up with 3 broken ribs for her. Fortunately, the movie team chose to move the shoot along so that the actress could have the time to recover.

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