A Leaked Kakao Talk Shows A BTS Jungkook Fan Site Swearing At Him

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Recently, BTS‘s Jungkook celebrated his 22nd birthday. To celebrate, many fansites held events to mark the occasion. One such fansite is called Headliner and is considered to be one of the biggest fansites.

A leaked Kakao showed messages from Headliner speaking to people with people from a male idol’s gallery. The fansite master was seen swearing at Jungkook, angry that the idol didn’t thank her for preparing so much for his birthday.

Check out the messages here:

jungkook headliner

Headliner: Jeon Jungkook, that psychopath f*cker. His birthday f*ck, seriously.
OP: Heol… Right.
User: Jungkook-ah…
Headliner: Ah, seriously. I freaking want to beat him up. F*ck, is he crazy?

jungkook headliner1

Oh my God. So many people prepared for it, how can this crazy f*cker… I swear, even if he gives me excuses, I’ll beat him up like a dog. Why doesn’t he do the things he has to? Is he dumb? Is he human? Is he a beast? F*ck, he didn’t even write anything during Billboard either.

– Headliner

jungkook headliner2

Ah, he’s f*cking playing a game again? Are you f*cking kidding me? Go die! I f*cking hate going to the USA too, but I need to go to there to pack my goods and I don’t wanna go. (*LINK ATTACHMENT) This is what makes ARMYs vaginal blood discharge. I have so much to say. The code is 10 characters long and I don’t wanna write it.

jungkook headliner3

Headliner: Just like SnowPeach, the only answer is to spending money on him. Seriously. I did well by not making any donations. I would be disgusted if I made donations. I love myself.
User: That’s why just spend that much, it’s fine.
Headliner: Yes yes. Just the right amount. What does it mean if I’m the only one doing week? This f*cked is always like that everyday. Seriously, ARMYs can do better, Jungkook-ah.

Upon the release of the messages, fans couldn’t help but feel bad for Jungkook. After news of K-ARMYs littering cafes that were celebrating his birthday, people feel sorry that all this negative news came out on his supposed special day.

Source: TheQoo

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