[stylePARK] About Stylist Jung, Boyoon

You have worked as a stylist for a long time and expanded your career into diverse areas.
What is the work you are most keen on doing?

Originally, my main work was to take care of celebrities’ styles,

so I am most interested in styling popular celebrities.

In addition, nowadays,

my other interest is teaching students that are majoring in fashion at school.


You have styled a lot of artists.
What has been your most memorable experience?

It’s been almost 20 years since I began to work as a stylist.

I have been working with numerous brilliant celebrities.

Among them, I have been working with Hyori Lee for almost 20 years

and with TVXQ for 14 years.

That’s a really long time and that’s rare in the entertainment world.

Many things have happened while working with them.

There are really numerous stories from working as Hyori Lee’s stylist.

She had a very big solo concert as a female.

It was not common at that time.

There were some problems with the concert stage on the first day

so we couldn’t show some of the terrific things we had prepared.

I remember we cried a lot together.

We had arranged a lot of clothes

and tried to hold a concert with fashion concert as the concept.

We didn’t manage to show it all, so we held it together and cried so much.

But, on the next day, it went perfectly.

I remember the concert received very favorable reviews.


What do you think is the key factor in individual styling?

I have been asked such questions really a lot.

What is most important? I think ‘trying’ is.

A lot of people wear clothes in a comfortable style,

to feel comfortable themselves.

But they don’t attempt a different style.

So housewives usually stick to the same lipstick color for 30 years

and men wear the same-colored clothes every day.

But trying something new or different is really important,

regardless of whether it works or not.

So I always advise people to be more daring when trying something different.


What part do you focus on as a parent stylist when styling your child?

In fact, I have an occupational illness.

I have a son and I dress him in fully coordinated clothes all the time.

I put an emphasis on ‘being comfortable.’

I place importance on boys’ being active because he is a boy,

but as a stylist, I care about styling.

I prioritize being comfortable and then I match colors or the style with my son.

I mainly utilize accessory items.

Those are items like hats or scarves.

In fact, children don’t like to put those things on.

But he got used to them because he has worn accessories since he was a baby.

My son tends to wear hats in a diversified style.

Maybe because I styled him from a young age,

so I think he has a special fashion sense. I like that.


How do you mainly learn about trends?

In fact, there were limitations to getting information.

There were limited routes except on the occasions

when we saw the clothes of foreign designers

from overseas photo shoots and their collections,

or in fashion magazines.

Nowadays, SNS is prevalent.

We can see the lifestyles and trends of designers

in real-time on their Instagram or Facebook.

So I mainly get information via SNS, like youngsters.

And, this might be different from others, I try not to miss anything

and watch the trendiest dramas, movies and books of the moment.

So I make an effort to get a sense of the tastes and interests of people

in their 10s, 20s and 30s who are enjoying their time the most.


What do you think is the most important lifestyle factor?

I believe ‘fun’ is important in lifestyle.

That is what I always tell my students.

You can learn well when you find studying fun.

It would be sad if I don’t study what I want to.

Students who like fashion so much and find fashion fun should study it.

The same applies in life.

You should find whatever you eat and whatever you wear fun.

I always prioritize ‘fun’. When I travel,

I first check if it’s a place where we can have fun.

So something being fun became my criterion.

However, I don’t pursue ‘Let’s play.’ I think ‘fun’ is important in a lifestyle.


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